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Topic:   Asbestos-related decision making

Whether a building has asbestos or not makes an impact on the decisions we make on how and when to undertake work on that building.

This topic is designed to help leadership teams' decision making:

  • why we manage asbestos,
  • the different asbestos records required,
  • when the different records are generated and their purpose
  • who should be kept informed
  • the concept of 'knowing' your building
  • the cycle to getting to an asbestos-free building
  • Target Audience

    This topic would suit teams that make decisions regarding building maintenance, refurbishments or demolition. Such as:

        • parish councils
        • leadership teams
        • property management teams
        • property advisory committees
  • Outcomes

    All Participants will be able to... say why we manage asbestos, list the different asbestos records required for decision-making, when they are generated and the purpose of each, keep people/contractors informed, understand the concept of ‘know your building’

    Most Participants will be able to... describe how the records interact and the cycle to get an asbestos-free building

    Some Participants will be able to... describe three different ways to record the status of a building in its journey to asbestos free, fully understand the complete cycle and how it works with other property management activities

  • What the topic covers

        • Know your building - particularly using a floor plan
        • The cycle to get an asbestos-free building
        • The required asbestos records 
        • Proving what you know about your building and asbestos
  • Participants will need:

        • your building floor plan
        • pen
        • highlighter
        • ruler (optional)

    If a floor plan of your building is unavailable, you can sketch one up.
    Refer:  "How to: Floor plans".

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