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Connexional Resources

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  • Services, Stationery and Forms

    Services Weblink
    An Order of Holy Communion for Informal Occasions Here
    Baptism of a Child Here 
    Adult Baptism Here 
    Communion Beyond the Gathered Congregation Here  
    Covenant Service Here  
    Induction Service of a Presbyter Here  
    Thanksgiving for the Life and Birth of a Child Here  
    Holy Communion Service Here  


    Stationery Price
    Tax Receipts - per 100 $2.50
    Pastoral Cards - per 100 $2.70
    Church Electoral Roll $6.00
    Letterhead (per ream) (+postage/courier) $53.30

    Unless stated, postage or courier costs included in the price.
    Courier Costs (excl GST) to be advised.

    Free of Charge Weblink
    Information Leaflets Here
    Confirmation Certificates email
    Baptismal Certificates (Adult and Child) email 
    Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child Certificates email 
    Books of Removal (transfer of members) email 
    Vehicle Log Books (Methodist Ministers) email 
    Membership Card (template available to photocopying) email 
    Funeral Resource Here 
    Marriage Kit Here  
    Lectionary Here



  • Christchurch Connexional Office Contact details

    The Connexional Office caters for Methodist churches across New Zealand, and cooperating ventures with a Methodist component.

    As well as being where the General Secretary is based, the Connexional Office assists with:

    • Archives
    • Church Administration
    • Communication
    • Insurance
    • Investment
    • Property
    • Website matters
    • Wellness and Safety


    Postal Address:
    Methodist Connexional Office
    PO Box 931
    Christchurch 8140
    New Zealand
    Street Address:
    Weteriana House
    50 Langdons Road
    Christchurch 8053
    New Zealand
    T: 03 366 6049     I:  0800 266 639
    E: [E-Mail not displayed]  

    Connexional Office Phone List

  • Fuel Cards

    The All Churches Bureau has secured the use of fuel cards from Kiwi Fuelcards which will offer a more consistent discount to all fuel card holders.

    This fuel card offer is open to anyone in the Methodist Church. You are therefore welcome to photocopy additional forms to give to others to join the Discount Fuel Scheme.


    If you wish to apply for a fuel card please email the Connexional Office for a copy of the application form.

    Once your application has been processed and approved you will receive your new fuel card from Kiwi Fuelcards.


    Purchases of fuel are charged to your fuel card and invoiced to you monthly. The monthly invoices will come directly to you from Kiwi Fuelcards and the direct debits will be processed by them on the 20th of the month.

    Please note that the Connexional Office has ceased its involvement with the processing of fuel card invoices. It is therefore very important that you ensure the funds are in your bank account at the time the Direct Debit deduction is due.

    NOTE: there are no card or processing fees associated with the fuel cards unless your Direct Debit is dishonoured.