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Make a complaint

to the General Secretary

If you have a complaint

The Methodist Church expects everyone to be treated with respect and dignity. However, if unwelcome or unacceptable behaviour occurs, then it should be addressed as soon as possible. So please:

  • Firstly, and only if appropriate, contact your presbyter, minister or senior layperson. Parish details can be searched here.
  • Otherwise, email the General Secretary of the Methodist Church or telephone 0800 266 639 ext 824.
  • Alternatively, complete the form below which will be received only and directly by the General Secretary.

At all stages, we will seek to address issues and challenges with compassion, humility, and respect for the dignity and privacy of everyone who may be involved.

Where appropriate, complaints will be dealt with according to the Church Rules and Regulations (see section 8), but when warranted, we may refer the matter to other support agencies or the NZ Police.

Thank you for taking the time to help keep people safe and cared for.

I want to make a complaint

Please supply your contact details so that the General Secretary can talk to you and gather the appropriate information to action your complaint. Without this information, no further action can be taken.
Where and when did the incident occur?