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The Diaconate

The Purpose of the Diaconate

To be a strong strand, of a three strand ministry in the Methodist Church, and Co-operating and Union Ventures in New Zealand.

To continue to develop and clarify Ordained Diaconal Ministry that is complementary and parallel to Lay and Presbyteral Ministry.


Deacon: one who is ordained by the Methodist Church to a ministry shaped by the community whom they are appointed to serve. (Methodist Church of New Zealand, Te Hāhi Weteriana O Aotearoa, Laws and Regulations Section 2, Ministry, 2.2)

This can be full or part-time ministry, and either fully, partially or non-stipended.(MCNZ Laws & Regulations Section 2:3.1)

The Deacons: The Holy Stirrers, dancing on the edge of the Church, facing outwards, building bridges, taking church to the community, to people who don't usually encounter it, and taking the community to the church, encouraging the baptized to carry out their ministry.


D - Dedicated ministry role (Acts 6:2-4)

E - Evangelism through service (Acts 6:6-7)

A - Anchored in the faith (1 Tim 3:9)

C - Christ-Like (John 13:14)

O - Obedient to the Holy Spirit - (Acts 8:26)

N - Noted for integrity (1 Tim 3:8-13)

S - Sensitive in service (Acts 8:30)

Training for a Deacon will include biblical and theological studies, and such other studies as will prepare them for their particular serving ministry.(MCNZ Laws & Regulations Section 2:4.7(b))


You can find out more at the Deacons in Aotearoa New Zealand website. 

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