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Welcome to our series of Wesley Day messages - reflecting on John Wesley’s heart-warming Aldersgate experience, and upon the implications for us today.

There are four. They can each be seen on Youtube, simply by clicking on the link provided below. A full script is also available from each of the authors. They can be contacted by email as listed below.

It will be noted that we are all aging, pakeha/palangi, clergy, and male. It is also worth noting that we share a common concern for our church and its future.

To serve the present age, our calling to fulfil

by Rev. Dr Trevor Hoggard [E-Mail not displayed]

The Heart of Methodism

by President-Elect Rev. Peter Taylor [E-Mail not displayed]

The Grace that comes before

by former General Secretary David Bush [E-Mail not displayed]

The Transformation of John Wesley

by Rev Andrew Doubleday [E-Mail not displayed]