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Candidating for Ministry

Everyone offering for Ordained Ministry in the Methodist Church of New Zealand needs to do so through the Mission Resourcing Candidates Process.  

​From 2018/19 the post of Synod Candidates' Convenor was abolished however, in synods which have to process a large number of applicants each year, those synods may wish to continue with the appointment of a Synod Candidates' Convenor [SCC] who may assist the candidates and parish presbyter in their duties and preparation.

​The role of Synod Candidates' Convenors has been replaced by the Directors of Mission Resourcing working more closely with individual parishes and individual candidates to help them through the process.  In this way we will know that all candidates have been told everything they need to know right at the outset consistently across all synods.  This is because experience has shown that the majority of synods do not process candidates on a yearly basis so it is proving unfair to expect an SCC to remain current in the complicated and ever evolving processes of candidating.  The number of candidates processed annually at the national level is of a size that can more easily be coached by the Directors themselves.

​The Directors will assist and advise all candidates but will play no part in the Assessment Panel's decision.  The Directors will offer consistent advice to help candidates present themselves with the highest degree of confidence that they are thoroughly prepared and meet the general criteria for ordained ministry.

​Prospective candidates for 2024 should now speak to their parish presbyter who should contact Mission Resourcing to book an initial interview with the Directors.

Are there minimum standards all Candidates have to meet?

Yes, candidates are required to meet the criteria as set out in the Law Book (S2.31-3.14.2).
The criteria includes: 

  • All candidates must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have been baptised and confirmed.
  • Be in active membership in the Church.
  • Each candidate is required to complete Lead Worship 1 as a basic requirement before candidating, or be a New Zealand qualified Methodist Lay Preacher.
  • Candidates must meet the Methodist Church Police Vetting requirements.

For further information containing all the criteria for Candidating 2020  read Guidelines for Candidates Application Process.