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Climate Justice Working Group

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Ko tātou te taiao, ko te taiao ko tātou
O tatou o le siosiomaga ma le siosiomaga o tatou
Ko kitautolu ʻa e ʻatakai pea ko e ʻatakai kitautolu
O keda na draki kei na draki e tiko kina o keda
We are the environment, and the environment is us.

Our Vision:

In 2018, the Conference of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa affirmed God’s love for the whole of creation and our common home with its capacity for healing, renewal and flourishing as one sacred community.  Conference further affirmed deep regard for the diversity of all forms of life, and our guardianship responsibilities for Papatuanuku (earth) as our common home.

Climate Justice Working Group:

This Group is tasked by the Conference to;

  • support learning for our people, our leaders and our communities on climate justice and strengthen theological understanding of care for the integrity of creation.
  • Review church assets of property, land, finance and purchasing decisions to ensure economical use of resources and reduction of waste.
  • develop and implement practices for living well with the earth and looking after the earth’s resources. The Group reports regularly to the Public Issues Coordinating Group.
  • Develop a Methodist Church platform for the dignified climate migration for Pacific peoples displaced by Climate Change.