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NZMWF aims to fellowship and unite through service, worship, and study for the spiritual and social life of our members to be Christian witnesses in homes, church, community, and support work of the church at home and abroad.

Our theme: 2023-2025

Grow in Christ and be a life-giver. 

Ka whakamana tatou ia Ihu Karaiti, ka ora te tangata. Tupulekina ‘ia Kalaisi ‘o hoko koe Fakamo’ui.


The New Zealand Methodist Women's Fellowship Council meeting to be held in Auckland, October 2024. Registration is open today (8th May) and close 9th August 2024.

Looking forward to welcome you. Our theme for 2023-2025: Grow in Christ and be a life-giver 

Ka whakamana tatou ia Ihu Karaiti, ka ora te tangata. Tupulekina ‘ia Kalaisi ‘o hoko koe Fakamo’ui.

The National Council consist of the 

  • Officers and members of the National Executive Committee, 
  • A South Pacific Area World Federation representative, if living in NZ 
  • Presidents of each District
  • Convenors of all NZMWF National Committee 
  • Four Executive representatives from the Samoan Women's District
  • Four Executive representative from the Tonga Women's District
  • Four Executive representative from the Fijian Women's  Districct

District may request an observer to present at the National Council Meeting in their own expenses. 

  • Due date for registration : 9th August 2024
  • Due date for Districts report: 9th August 2024
  • Due date for Tribute: 9th August 2024.

For further information, please contact:

NZMWF President: Lesieli Tiulipe Pope: [E-Mail not displayed] and/or

NZMWF Secretary: Dr Soana Muimuiheata: [E-Mail not displayed]

Our People

  • Lesieli Pope – National President

    Lesieli Pope hails from Haveluloto, Holonga Vava’u, Koulo Ha’apai and is associated with Papatoetoe Tongan Parish and the Tonga District. Her involvement in the ministry includes roles such as Vice President for Tonga District Women Fellowship and Lay Preacher. She comes from a large family of six and has been married for over 35 years. Lesieli is the mother of five daughters, a grandmother to seven grandchildren, and a great grandmother to four more. With a strong interest in Women’s Fellowship and ministry service and a background of nearly 20 years as a Social Worker, Lesieli has spent the past four years working at Auckland Hospital. Her goal is to empower women's active involvement in the work of the New Zealand Methodist Women's Fellowship (NZMWF). Her guiding verse is Proverbs 31:30.


    022 534 5447 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Simulata Pope – National Vice-President

    Simulata is Tongan.Niuean and comes from Halafo'ou, Alofi North, Tongoleleka Ha'apai, Holonga Vava’u and Koulo Ha’apai. Simulata is driven by a deep appreciation for Methodist values related to addressing social injustice. She has been immersed in a community-focused upbringing having being a foster sister to many including being the second eldest of six girls. Simulata is a children's rights advocate within the public sector based in Wellington to which she is dedicated to championing the rights of children and young people within government spaces. Simulata's mission is to continue inspiring youth through ministry and the church. Her guiding verse is 1 Timothy 4, which encourages not allowing others to belittle one's youth, but rather to set an example in speech, life, love, faith, and purity. The verse also underscores a commitment to the public reading of Scripture, preaching, and teaching.


    027 763 9734 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Dr Soana Muimuiheata – National Secretary

    Dr. Soana Muimuiheata span Mangere, Auckland, as well as Folaha/Nuketulu, Kolomaile, 'ohonua & Tufuvai in 'Eua, and Kolomotu'a, Ahau Tongatapu. She is associated with Lotofale’ia Mangere Tongan Methodist Parish, where she holds positions such as Parish Secretary, Secretary for Lotofale’ia Akoteu Board, and Vice-Chair of the Health Committee for Lotofale’ia. She's also involved in the Public Issues Network (PIN) and the Conference Committee of the Methodist Church of NZ. Dr. Muimuiheata draws strength from her faith, believing that with God's help, she can achieve all things. Born in a big family in Tonga, she migrated to New Zealand for education and work. Professionally, she works as a Dietitian Consultant and has held significant roles such as Chair of the Dietitian Board of NZ and Council Member of the NZ Society for the Study of Diabetes (NZSSD). Her aspiration is to work collaboratively to promote positive outcomes within the NZ Methodist Women Fellowship, as expressed in her guiding verse Ecclesiastes 3:11 & 12.


    027 255 5513 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Rita Tuimaseve - National Treasurer


    021 221 4886 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Janice Walters - National Mission Link


    021 022 67795 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Juanita Salevao – National Liaison Link


    021 028 63118 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Leuluaiali'i P Ah Young - National Diaconate Link


    021 083 76938 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Janine Tuivaiti – National Representative for the National Council of Women


    027 274 4527 | [E-Mail not displayed]

  • Sharlene Malaeimi – National Uniting Congregation Link & Correspondence Secretary


    021 202 4833 | [E-Mail not displayed]

Grants and Scholarships

  • Smethurst

    This Fund is administered by the New Zealand Methodist Women's Fellowship and offers financial assistance to:

    (a)  Women from Methodist Parishes and Uniting Congregations with a Methodist component within the Methodist Connexion of Te Hāhi Weteriana O Aotearoa New Zealand.

    (b)   Indigenous church workers in the South Pacific.

  • Annual Friendship Scholarship

    The New Zealand Methodist Women's Fellowship Annual Friendship Scholarship was established to enable and encourage South Pacific Island girls, resident in New Zealand, to continue with their Secondary Education, thus gaining the higher qualifications which are necessary in today's world.

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