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L1 Operational: will suit parish councils and leadership teams, property secretaries, property management teams
L2 Oversight: will suit regional advisory committees, MCPC, portfolio management teams  
Topic Description Video Levels
Safety Introduction What you need to know if you manage a church building   L1, L2
Property Introduction What you need to know if you manage a church building   L1, L2
Asbestos (1) When to do something about asbestos     
Asbestos (2) Using asbestos information for decision-making    
Asbestos (3) Managing asbestos until you remove it    
Asbestos (4) What to expect with asbestos removal during a construction project    
Working Bees and Asbestos Working Bees working around asbestos    
Working Bees Generally keeping safe    
Working at heights Guidelines for keeping safe at height    
Building Warrants of Fitness      
Emergency Response Teams      
Emergency Response Plans      
Evacuation Plans - Approvals      
Health and Safety at Work Act 2015      
Property Maintenance - General      
Privacy Act      
Property - Applications Timeline      
Property - SPAC & MCPC Applications      
Construction - managing contracts      
Property - strategies      
Property - land stories      
Property - sales      
Property - purchase      
Property - use of Capital funds      
Property - seismic strengthening      
Property- heritage buildings      
Property - Parsonage v residential tenancy      
Property - GST      
Property - Green Grants      
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