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No. 25 Methodist Stipends and Allowances

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Information Leaflet No. 25 Methodist Stipends and Allowances

Effective 01 July 2023

(Replaces No.25 Presbyter Remuneration dated 1 July 2022)

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In accordance to the provisions of the Law Book (Section 2: 21.1), The President, on behalf of The Conference has determined the Standard Stipend that will be applied from 1 July 2023. This information leaflet contains information on Methodist both stipends and reimbursing allowances and has been updated to reflect Stipend changes effective 01 July 2023.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary (See below)
Centralised Stipend Payment
Basic Stipend - from 1 July 2023
Supernumerary Fund Contribution
Retention of Records
Travelling Allowance Rates
Other Allowances
Standard Reimbursing Allowances
Reimbursement to Presbyters for Additional Church Related Expenses
Pulpit Supply - Honorarium
Methodist Mobil Fuel Card

Executive Summary

This information leaflet is updated annually to reflect any changes of stipends and allowances. Please ensure that you are using a copy updated for the financial year in which you are seeking information. This Information Leaflet is effective from 1 July 2023.

  • Stipends

    The Methodist Church has a standard stipend. A Minister on a full stipend is not permitted to receive additional fees or payments for any activities related to their ministry over and above those set out in this document.

    Part-time stipends and allowances are determined by proportion of the appointment. A part-time Minister may have other employment.

  • Standard Allowance

    This is a tax free allowance paid monthly to cover general expenses which a Minister may incur in carrying out their ministry. It covers items such as membership fees, study leave, clerical clothing, computers, phones and hospitality.

  • Book and Resource Reimbursement

    This reimbursing allowance is to enable a Minister to be well resourced for their ministry.

  • Housing

    All stationed full-time Presbyters are entitled to a house, which may be owned or rented by the Church.

    Part-time appointees are eligible for a proportional payment of the housing allowance determined by the median rent in the location of the Parish. Parishes are strongly encouraged to house part-time appointees in their parsonage if they have one.

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