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No.25 Methodist Stipends and Allowances

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Pulpit Supply - Honorarium

The Committee was asked by Council of Conference to give guidance on payments when a Presbyter, Deacon or Lay Preacher conducts a service of worship on a casual basis.

The Committee does not favour a set payment based on a percentage of Stipend as used by the Presbyterian Church. The following are noted:

  1. A Presbyter receiving a full stipend if taking a casual service outside their appointment responsibility would not be eligible for additional payment.
  2. The Committee agrees that a Koha/Honorarium is appropriate. As a minimum, costs of travel should be covered.

Current practice suggests that an amount between $50 and $100 would be appropriate.

Where there is a regular arrangement conversation should take place with the Synod Superintendent as it may be more appropriate to have a covenant in place.

Any amount paid over and above actual expenses are taxable.

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