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No.25 Methodist Stipends and Allowances

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Provided below is the Connexion’s expectations regarding the use of and payment for telephones and internet costs for Presbyters whether the Presbyter is living in a church provided parsonage or their own home.

With the installation of fibre the provision of internet and ‘landline’ can be achieved on one account. It is also possible to dispense with a landline and only use a mobile phone. Parishes and Presbyters are encouraged to adopt effective communications strategies which meet the needs of Parish and Presbyter, seeking also to reduce cost.

  • Landlines

    • The Parish must pay for office landlines if the Parish has or decides that it requires a landline into the Church.
    • The Parish must pay for a landline rental and maintenance line costs for the parsonage or presbyters own home as well as the business costs associated with the line. The Presbyter is required to pay all private costs. Note: This may be in conjunction with the broadband connection.
  • Internet Connection

    • The Parish must pay for an office broadband internet connection. The connection speed can be negotiated between the Parish and Presbyter.
    • The Parish must pay for a broadband internet connection connected into the Parsonage or Presbyters own home.
  • Mobile Phones

    Presbyters receive a Standard Reimbursing Allowance to cover work related expenses each year. This allowance can be used to purchase a mobile phone which will be owned by the Presbyter. The phone number would remain with the Presbyter.

    The cost of a reasonable phone plan would be a cost to the Parish. The Connexional Office can advise on phone plans as it has contractual arrangements with Vodafone.

    As noted earlier, it may not be necessary to have a separate landline as this may be included with either the broadband or mobile connection.

    • All costs of a private and personal nature are the responsibility of the Presbyter.
    • The Connexional Office have mobile phone plans which may offer additional benefits than Presbyters may currently have. Please speak to the Connexional Office regarding this scheme.

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