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PAC Distribution Group

PAC Distribution Group

(Prince Albert College Funds)

Requests to the PAC Distribution Group

Open on 01 April 2024
Close on 30 June 2024

PAC Information

The cover sheet must accompany your application

ALL information must be received on or prior to the closing date of 30 June.

Funding requests, or any additional information in support of your application (e.g. financials) that is received after 30 June will NOT be considered

Distributing the Funds

A Strategy Group formed by 1987 Conference was given the specific task of enabling the Church to find a creative way of distributing and making available the monies from The Prince Albert College Fund. They recommended to the 1988 Conference at Palmerston North that a national Distribution Group be established called the "PAC Distribution Group".

The Strategy Group deliberately chose to put in place some important Touchstones and Guidelines, believing that they would set the basis from which all distributions of monies would be made.

Touchstones for Mission

The Distribution Group and the Distribution would be expected to be in tune with our Church's current understandings and priorities of Mission.


  • The distribution must take account of the current issues of the day, concerning the Church and its Mission in society.
  • Funding for innovative, creative use, in the furtherance of the Mission of the Church, at local, district, national or international level.
  • The whole of any major part of the net distributable income, in any year, may be allocated to a particular project or purpose.
  • Each 7th year we take the opportunity of reviewing the distribution processes, and the effect the use of this money has on the life of the Church.
  • Monies from Prince Albert College will normally be distributed after the Balance date 31 March, and the PAC Distribution Group will report on those distributions to the following Conference.
  • The Distribution Group may receive applications but shall have freedom of initiative.
  • 15% of the monies each year be used outside the life of the Church.

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