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People People People

The Church is not a building…
The Church is not steeple…
The Church is not a resting place…
The Church is a people

Ten years on from the February 22nd Christchurch Earthquake this song rings true.
Our city is constantly being reminded that above all, people are the heart of the city.
Together we have survived, strived to rebuild our communities, and thrived beyond our wildest dreams. Instead of just ‘bouncing back’ we have created a way of being that is not dependent on the way we once were.
The anniversary always stirs up painful memories for our city and for our churches. Our city’s cathedral crumbled and 3 people lost their lives in the Durham Street Methodist church. We lost our meeting places. For many, our sense of community and being was attached steadfastly to buildings which were deeply broken. Churches and schools had to find transitional spaces to meet in. For some these spaces were only home for a few months and for others they were home for years. Some met in houses, some met in school halls, and some met in tents.
My high school, as with many others from the East side, had to find a new home. This came in the form of site sharing with another school. One school had classes in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Sharing became our strategy for one of the hardest and most trying periods of our lives. This has fostered anPe overwhelming sense of togetherness in Christchurch. Whenever we face struggles we have each other to turn to even if we do not have a physical place to meet or are restricted from meeting physically.
Ten years has changed a lot for our city but one thing remains.
The people.
Kia Kaha,

Some Questions to Consider:

  1. What memories do you have of February 22nd 2011?
  2. How do we respond, as Christians, to tragic events?
  3. Who are people you pray for today in relation to the Quake of 2011?

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