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2024 Review

Touchstone Review

We invite your feedback on the relevance and place of Touchstone in the future of the Methodist Connexion and communication.  Please take just a few minutes to read and respond to this survey.


In June 2023, the Methodist Publishing Board (MPB) made the decision to discontinue printing and posting copies of Touchstone, moving to an online platform due to increasing production and distribution costs. Recognising that some members of the Connexion do not have access to, or the ability to manage, an online platform, the decision was made to produce an A4 PDF version of each monthly edition of Touchstone that could be printed and distributed to those predominantly aged or technology challenged readers, enabling them to continue to share in the news, views and life of Te Hāhi Weteriana o Aotearoa.   

This reduced A4 version (20 pages maximum per month) has been distributed as an attachment to the email messaging from the Connexional Office, offering access to the online link. So far, there has been little reaction from our readers to indicate this move was not valid.

The purpose of this survey is to determine:

  • the effectiveness of the transition from print to online only
  • the uptake of access to and readership of Touchstone
  • the interest in and need to continue producing two versions of each monthly edition.


Please reply by 31 March 2024
1. Does the online version of Touchstone continue to have content that is of interest and relevance to the people in your parish/church/community?
Please indicate what content is relevant (select as many as apply)
2. Is the Touchstone PDF version useful/accessible to readers in your parish who are otherwise unable to access the online version
3. Is your congregation/organisation engaging with Touchstone? (either Online or via PDF)
Please indicate how may people you are responding on behalf of