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Holding emergency drills and Tenancies for Presbyters

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Trudy Downes will share ideas for Emergency drills and why we should have them. Wendy Anderson will take you through requirements for Tenancies for Presbyters.

Ideal Audience: This webinar would be suitable for MCNZ Property teams, health and safety teams, parish councils and MCNZ leadership teams.


24 February 2022

Further information from the topics discussed is available from:

 Downloads Description
Powerpoint presentation

Connexional Office Lockdown Drill 2019

Christchurch South Tongan Methodist Parish Evacuation Instructions 2019

Parsonages preparing for a new ministry Bricks and Mortar, Section 18 - P91

Presbyter's Service Tenancy Agreement Bricks and Mortar: Appendix 2. Online version.
ERP Guideline Overview Holding an Emergency drill is the last phase of the emergency response plan where we ensure continuous improvement.
Familiarise yourself with the process in the Overview
Step 3: Hold an Evacuation Drill

Templates, guidelines and checklists to hold an evacuation drill.

Suggestions and ideas for different types of emergency drill scenarios.

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