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Creating an Emergency Response Plan, and Buying & Selling Church Property Webinar

Wendy Anderson and Trudy Downes will examine what is needed for Emergency Response Plans and, Buying and Selling Church property.

Ideal Audience: This webinar would be suitable for MCNZ Property teams, health and safety teams, parish councils and MCNZ leadership teams.

07 September 2021

Further information from the topics discussed is available from:

Buying & Selling Property Bricks and Mortar, Section 2: Sale of Property P26
Bricks and Mortar, Section . Purchase of Property P31
ERP Guideline Overview Creating an Emergency Response Plan is the beginning of a process
Familiarise yourself with the process in the Overview
ERP Templates and Instructions  Start with creating an Emergency Response Team
The team then all input into the Emergency Response Plan 
(start at the top and work your way down!)
Property and Insurance Resources  
Caring for Our People Resources  

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