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All sorts of compliance

Tuesday, 08 March 2022

Trudy Downes and Wendy Anderson take you through compliance requirements for our buildings.

• Building compliance - BWoF
• Code of compliance
• PS4s
• Asbestos sign offs
• Contract Works Insurance vs Public Liability

Ideal Audience: This webinar would be suitable for MCNZ Property teams, health and safety teams, parish councils and MCNZ leadership teams.

08 March 2022

Further information from the topics discussed is available from:

Downloads Description
The Church and Building Law Section 1: page 8
Webinar Powerpoint presentation  
New Zealand Legislation

Access all NZ Legislation





Asbestos Contractors

Contractor Licence verification sites
Auckland IQP example Each council should have a list of IQP.
Independent Qualified Persons
Prequalification questionnaire WorkSafe NZ
Property and Insurance Resources  
Caring for Our People Resources  

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