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James & Martha Trounson Benevolent Fund Trust Board


The James and Martha Trounson Benevolent Fund Trust Board are authorised to help in the following ways:

- Giving financial assistance
- or aid by way of gift or grant,
- or in approved circumstances, loans with or without security.


1.   Members and adherents of the Methodist Church of New Zealand who are widowed or immediate close family of deceased Methodist Ministers who died in active ministry or as Retired Presbyters.

2.   To Retired Presbyters who, through sickness, ill health or misfortune or through loss of property are in circumstances of special need.

3.   To lay persons who belong to Methodist churches or Union Parishes as members or adherents, who are in special need and who do not qualify for other assistance.

The maximum grant in any 12 month period is $650.00.

How to Apply

It is the desire of the Board to bring assistance and express Christian love and concern, as was intended by James and Martha Trounson, meeting legitimate needs with the least embarrassment in an acceptable form.

The Board will receive requests on the current 2023 form, this gives the Board the circumstances of those for whom the request is made.

This information is supplied by:

  • The Synod Superintendent, or
  • The Parish Superintendent, or
  • The Presbyter, Deacon or stationed Lay minister.

Applications are considered as they are received.

All Requests are to be sent to:

The James and Martha Trounson Benevolent Fund
c/- Mary West - Convener
email: [E-Mail not displayed]