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All of it not some of it

A common drinking phrase when trying to get your friends on to your level…
“All of it not some of it!”
Also my mum’s favourite phrase when asking for financial help…
“When you get paid remember, all of it not some of it!”

Or the bouncer telling you to empty your flask you tried to sneak in…
"Ma’am I’m only going to ask you once… all of it, not some of it!”

Even trying to instruct the beautician about cleaning my Hagrid styled eyebrows
“Yes please … all of it, not some of it”.

Endless scenarios spring to mind yet the words I want you to hear is-

Surprise surprise- All of it not some of it! But I’m not sure if you know what I mean by… All of it, not some of it!
All of it… a statement implying wholeness, complete, fullness, totality, being and displaying all there is to being who you are!

It’s not the radio edit version, it’s not “omg I can’t be seen like this!”, it’s not “man I wish I could look like her or him”, it’s not the lets test the waters first, it’s not the “Omg what did she say about me?”, it’s not the “Run it straight brah, Hundred brah”, it’s not the “nah that looks boring!” or the “I already did that!”

It’s the confidence to go in for the hug even though their holding their hand out for a handshake, its ordering your favourite Soy Chai Latte even though everyone else ordered Moccachinos, its saying no to demands, its listening to your body, its being loud brown and proud in a society where your labelled as a minority, its moving past the inequalities, its being effective, its being heard and it’s YOU!

People can’t be selective of what they like about you. If they want to know you, they should know all of you because you are not fragments ready for individual distribution. You are a carefully sculpted vase that should be handled with care and only have space for vibrant flowers that feed off love, self-worth, self-acceptance and positivity. People become a part of your life because they see, hear and feel the beauty of what “all of it is”. Those who are temporary cannot handle what it is to be all of you… but that’s ok they may be still discovering what “all of it” is for them.

So many young people in our society, churches and communities search for ways to be seen, exploring different platforms, and most utilising social media. It’s a good platform for connecting with so many people across the world but it becomes dangerous when it is used inappropriately. But I’m sure you’ve heard that talk before yet it still continues to manifest, claim and steal lives, most hiding behind a virtual fantasy that most are envious of. In actual fact, what lies behind that virtual fantasy is someone yearning to escape that online façade, wanting to live in the moment but want others to see, and scared of being forgotten, afraid that their spotlight may be dimmed. But honestly, I’ve been there down that road before with myself and with people I cared about and invested so much time with. It’s tempting at times, to be sucked into this pointless void, but I know that I’m never ever going back there. It’s a vicious circle that isolates you from the real things in life, things that matter. I was scared no one would like me for ME. But over time, this one voice just kept repeating over and over again….. All of it not some of it. Always insecure of the parts I didn’t like, yet its what defines who I am.

It takes a lot to move away from things you know best and what is comfortable. But sometimes actually most of the time it’s comfortable because it distracts from the true you. The you that you believe most will not like. But I want you to hear me out. If you believe that no one will see you for who you are, there is one person, one being, one existence that will always and has always believed in you. The Man Above, they call Him. Some call him, The creator, The Father or The Almighty. But for me I’ve known Him as God. Actually when I talk to Him sometimes, I often find myself saying, friend. Look you don’t have to be a Christ believer, Christian or religious for my friend to believe in you because in actual fact He’s all of our friend. He’s that friend you never knew you had or the friend you had but is silently hanging out without you knowing and will stay with you even when everyone else scatters. It took me a while to realise that and don’t get me wrong I still forget He’s always there but that’s what makes Him the best of the best, because even though you may feel lonely, He’s got your back, He’s waiting for you to get back up and realise your worth is way more valuable then what is written on a Facebook post, your worth is beyond measure than that counted on Instagram likes or tweet reposts.

In a society that is heavily driven by technology and digital world, it is so easy to be lost in a void, to be empty and lose your sense of identity and purpose.


I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

All of it not some of it. Who you are and what you believe should never be dictated to you. All of it not some of it. It’s a discovery journey of what connects yourself to the world around you. All of it not some it. It’s the path that is hard to face and often under construction. All of it not some of it. But never fret because you journey is unique, hard yes, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. All of it not some of it. Pieces along the way you will pick up, Remnants of the beauty that God created in you. All of it not some of it. Take each piece, treasure it, bring them together and realise that each individual piece may be so different from each other yet join together in such way that it displays what God breathed life into. All of it not some of it. You – fearfully and wonderfully made.

Some Questions to Consider:

  • How much of my true self do I actually show to others? In the things I say and do?
  • What can I do more often to authentically be who God has made me to be?
  • Who in my life that I'm aware might need prayer in this area also? 

by Philomena Petaia | Central South Island

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