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Section 16

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Section 16 Lotteries Commission & Community Trust Grant Applications

Updated June 2023

Section 16 Lotteries Commission & Community Trust Grant Applications

  • Conditions

    The following conditions apply to all applications for grants from the Lotteries Commission and grants from any Community Trusts that are funded by gaming.

    Applications to apply for Lotteries Commission grants or grants from any community trust funded by gaming must be approved by:

    • Synod
    • MCPC

    The Lottery Grants Board has a number of schemes that vary between regions and change over time. Enquire here to check if your proposal will fit their current criteria and whether a scheme exists under which your proposal might get a grant.

  • Lottery Grants Board Process

    When all the required Church approvals have been obtained, your application to the Lottery Grants Board must be completed online and be made in the name of The Board of Administration of the Methodist Church of New Zealand (or property titleholder) on behalf of your parish or congregation.

    The process can be complex and time-consuming. You need to allow sufficient time to ensure the application is submitted online prior to the funding round closing date.

    It is up to the parish to lodge the online application and to request MCPC to input its authorisation and subsequent acceptance if the grant application is successful.

    MCPC have absolute discretion in this area and is likely to decline any applications they judge to be marginal.

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