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Covid-19 Response Plan

Final Response?

All Government Covid-19 mandates end!

We are getting back to business as usual, but lets do it safely. The Government changes are:

There is no mandatory 7 day isolation if you are Covid positive.

Ministry of Health guidance is to stay at home for five days if you have tested positive for Covid-19.

Household contacts should test daily while there is a Covid positive case in the house.

Masks are no longer mandatory in healthcare facilities:

Please keep wearing a facemask if you are visiting with vulnerable people.

Follow the guidelines of the facilities you are visiting as they may still request facemasks be worn.

Our Covid-19 Response Plan has run its course

Unless there are further developments there will be no further updates to our Covid-19 response plan.

Please still maintain a level of care, and look after yourself and each other.

  • keep up with our good hygiene habits, particularly around food and drink 
  • stay home and get tested if you are unwell
  • keep being kind!
16 Aug 2023