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Covid-19 Response Plan

Current Situation

Great news!

Our response plan is not going away, it is merely shifting focus to ride out the tail of our current Covid wave. The Government changes are:

Traffic Light system has been removed.

Masks are only required when:

  • In a health care setting
  • In an aged care setting
  • If you want to.

Please keep wearing a facemask if you are visiting with vulnerable people.

Only Covid positive people need to isolate at home

  • Household contacts should test daily while there is a Covid positive case in the house

What we are keeping from our Response Plan

We will follow the Government changes and we will still maintain a level of care.

  • maintain good hygiene habits
  • stay home and get tested if you are unwell
  • keep being kind, we are not yet at the stage of burning all face masks!
13 Sep 2022