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Final Response?

Covid-19 Lessons Learned - Let's share our stories

Four years. That is how long we have been living with Covid-19 and everybody has been affected by it.

The Government has its Covid-19 Royal Commission of Inquiry and it is time that we look at our own lessons. When another pandemic occurs, what can we do better? How can we look after each other better? How well did we perform as a Church?

Ideal feedback would be from a parish, rohe, group or whānau so that we can respond as a strong Connexion in the future. But all stories and feedback are welcome.

On this page are links to an online submission form, pandemic timelines, MCNZ COVID-19 articles, and there are live feedback sessions at the end of March.

The live feedback sessions will be recorded, but only for the purposes of ensuring that all feedback is captured, after which the recordings will be deleted.

All submitters' details will be treated confidentially.

I hope you can find the time to share your story.

Mauri ora!


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Online Submissions will be available until 28 March 2024

Online Submissions

Our Timeline

Government Timeline

MCNZ Covid-19 Articles

Link for Live feedback sessions (Tue 19 - Fri 22 Mar, 11.30-12.30pm each day) Use this link on the day.

Our Covid-19 Response Plan has run its course

Unless there are further developments there will be no further updates to our Covid-19 response plan.

Please still maintain a level of care, and look after yourselves and each other.

  • keep up with our good hygiene habits, particularly around food and drink 
  • stay home and get tested if you are unwell
  • keep being kind!