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Asbestos Management and Using the CB&L Fund

Wendy Anderson and Trudy Downes lead us through Asbestos Management for our buildings and using the Church Buildings and Loan Fund.

Our Asbestos Management process was updated earlier in August 2021 and this is your opportunity to go through the simplified process.

Ideal Audience: This webinar would be suitable for MCNZ Property teams, health and safety teams, parish councils and MCNZ leadership teams.

10 August 2021

Further information from the topics discussed is available from:

Asbestos Management Bricks and Mortar, Section 6: Asbestos management (Aug 2021), templates, and floorplan tips
 Funds Bricks and Mortar - Section 14, page 84: Funds for the Church (this includes the Church Building and Loan Fund)
Bricks and Mortar - Section 15, page 87: Use of Capital Funds
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