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MCNZ Green Sunday 2022

A Time to Care (more) for Creation

MCNZ Green Sunday 2022

Green Sunday is Te Hāhi Weteriana o Aotearoa's special day of recognition for Climate Justice issues.  Methodist Congregations are encouraged to take time to both reflect in worship on the issues brought to our communities by Climate Change, and take some practical action in their communities to show they care for creation, setting an example for, and working with their community to make a difference in their corner of the world.

Green Sunday is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in the lectionary Season of Creation.  For 2022, this falls on September 25th.  It is not intended that MCNZ Green Sunday supersede Season of Creation or other relevant resources - rather, to complement them.

Green Sunday is not just about worship but also about getting our hands dirty. Take your congregation on a river walk, engage with a community environmental project, or ceremonially change all the light bulbs to LED equivalents.  This is your chance to let your creativity run riot.  There is only one condition - tell us what you did and how it went, so we can draw on your experiences to make next year's Green Sunday even better.

Website images from Green Sunday facebook page and Eastonward church.

The full Season of Creation is as follows;

Season of Creation 2022

Theme: Wisdom in Creation

1 September

Creation Day


4 September

1st Sunday in Creation

Ocean Sunday

11 September

2nd Sunday in Creation

Flora & Fauna Sunday

18 September

3rd Sunday in Creation

Storm Sunday

25 September

4th Sunday in Creation

Cosmos Sunday
MCNZ Green Sunday

2 October

St Francis of Assisi

Day Blessing of the Animals

Season of Creation online resources are available from www.seasonofcreation.com