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Progress Paper Mar-2022

Climate Justice Working Group

Conference 2021 Workshop

The workshop commenced with the showing of a video on climate justice and how it is affecting our part of the world.  You can view this video and share it with your congregations via this link:    https://www.methodist.org.nz/mahi/climate-justice/cjwg-resources/

The CJ working group is following an action plan arising out of the suggestions from Conference members.  This plan includes:

  1. Developing a suggestion that Te Haahi celebrates Green Sunday annually to celebrate and encourage church and community efforts in Climate Justice initiatives. We are in discussion with Faith & Order about the possibility of the first Sunday in September (part of the Seasons of Creation) as the date, and as to the provision of resources.
  2. The Climate Justice Working Group works with MCPC and Te Taha Maori to establish sustainable building guidelines for church properties.
  3. The Climate Justice Working Group developing a policy on climate refugees for future lobbying of govt and identifying other appropriate actions the church may take.
  4. Development of a proposal to Conference 2022 that Conference supports a 10-year focus by the church on Climate Justice from 2023 as the Let the Children Live Project comes to an end.

Synods and Rohe

We ask that you

  1. Note the information provided in this document and use the Climate Justice video in your church services to encourage and challenge congregations within Te Haahi.
  2. Identify some possible goals for a 10 year Project on Climate Change, both for yourselves and for the church as a whole. Please let us know what they are..
  3. Encourage your members to let us know what climate initiatives/projects they may already be working on at the grass-root level, so we may share these ideas with others.
  4. Indicate your in-principle support or otherwise for the proposals above, bearing in mind there is still work to be done to flesh out the final form these initiatives will take.

Your responses should be addressed to the Secretary, Climate Justice Working Group [E-Mail not displayed]