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July 2010

Water, democracy spiritual issues says Christchurch dean
By Paul Titus
The Dean of Christchurch’s Anglican Cathedral says the Bible’s charge to choose life over death means Christians should be engaged in their communities. A public demonstration on June 13th voiced environmental and political concerns about Canterbury’s water and the Cathedral also hosted a seminar on alcohol misuse and NZ’s drinking culture. Read more ....

Habitat for Humanity extends hand to Pacific neighbours
By Hilaire Campbell
Habitat for Humanity has a slogan that neatly sums up its work: ‘Building homes, building hope’. “We have thousands of volunteers in over 90 countries,” says Habitat NZ marketing manager David Lawson. “There’s a Habitat home built every 20 minutes somewhere in the world.”
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Hope is a protest against darkness
Rev Andre Le Roux has the responsibility to prepare worship resources for the Methodist Church of NZ.
Many of you know that I have been diagnosed with a rare cancer that has not responded to treatment. Medically, ‘there is no hope’. What does this mean for me as a Christian? From a faith perspective, is hope now only about a miraculous healing? Read more ....

Church-based loans boost small businesses
By Hilaire Campbell
At a time when many high-flying finance companies have fallen to earth with loud thuds, a church-sponsored fund that loans money to small business is maintaining its record of success. Read more ....

Community spirit alive and well at Awhitu
By Helen Reardon
Regular services are still held at Awhitu Central Church, which was opened 133 years ago.
Fundraising for a new worship centre beside the historic church at Awhitu near the Manukau Heads is bringing together a rural community whose spirit of ecumenism began with the early settlers of the area. Read more ....

Young NZer of year turns focus to poverty
By Cory Miller
In a world where millions live in poverty and cannot provide for the basic necessities of life, hope often seems a distant thing. Not all is lost, however, when people such as young New Zealand doctor Divya Dhar commit themselves to finding a solution to global poverty. Read more ....

Silverdale’s Wade Chapel holds onto its secrets
By Val Nicholls
For 150 years the little Methodist Chapel at Silverdale has refused to reveal the secret of its origins. This year the Silverdale and Districts Historical Society and members of the Whangaparaoa Methodist Parish combined to celebrate the Chapel’s century and a half at Silverdale. The church once more rang with the sound of the pedal organ and Wesleyan hymns.
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