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August 2010

Prostitution law reform – the consequences
By Paul Titus
In June, 2003 Touchstone examined arguments for and against the decriminalisation of the sex trade prior to Parliament’s vote on the Prostitution Reform Bill. The bill passed into law by the thinnest of margins. Now, seven years later, we re-examine the issue to see what changes it has brought. Read more ....

Church, community leaders call for limits on booze
By Hilaire Campbell
Everyone knows New Zealanders like a drink but the fallout from too many has led to a Law Commission report calling for tougher liquor laws. On 11 July, a group of prominent citizens including church leaders, former governor generals, and prominent figures in the Maori and Pasifika communities petitioned the government to act on its recommendations. Read more ....

British Methodists host gathering to rethink mission
By Paul Titus
How can the world’s Methodist Churches work together to transform a world beset by inequality, war and ecological destruction? This was one question the Methodist Church in Britain (MCB) posed to a gathering of 200 representatives of Wesleyan/Methodist Churches from 60 countries. Read more ....

Do justice to their memory in bronze
By Rev Donald Phillipps
If ever we needed reminding of the importance of the Wesleyan Mission Station at Mangungu, Hokianga, it was provided by the spectacle of more than 1000 people gathered to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty there on February 13th 1840. More signatures were gained for the Treaty at that time and place than anywhere else in New Zealand, including Waitangi itself. Read more ....

Can we move from conference table to dinner table?
By John Bluck
I want to talk about reinventing ecumenism because I’m concerned about the future of the movement that defined so much of our lives as Christians through the 20th century. Read more ....

Youth and the Church: inclusion or exclusion?
By Abhi Solomon
As a youth work enabler for the Auckland Methodist Synod I am frequently invited to speak to congregations and the youth groups about the work I’m doing. When I do, the questions I ask them are: How do you perceive church? and How do you participate in your church service? What can you tell me about your church life? Read more ....

Team channels new youth worker’s energy
By Cory Miller
The Central South Island Methodist Synod has gone creative in its efforts to find a solution to a gap in youth ministry left since the previous youth worker moved away. A new youth ministry team has been created, with a vision of re-energising youth and drawing them closer to Christ. Rev Jill Van de Geer, Rev Alan Webster and Siu Williams-Lemi have together formed this unique partnership to meet the needs of the youth of the district. Read more ....

By Mataiva Robertson
Nineteen year old Siauala Nili of St Pauls Methodist Samoan Congregation Otara forms one half of the up-and-coming hip hop/R’n’B duo known as CROSSBREED. Siauala (aka GiantKilla) and Maurica Howard (aka Ryze) who is of Maori decent, use the influences of their different cultural backgrounds and upbringing as well as their surrounding environment to create a unique hip hop sound that carries a positive message for the youth of today. Read more ....

New lease on life for Mangere Church
By Cory Miller
Hidden away in an eastern corner of Mangere sits an old church, where a dwindling congregation has fought against all odds to survive. One year ago this small congregation seemed to be facing its inevitable demise, but since then, it has more than doubled in number. Read more ....