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April 2010

Easter reveals God’s ‘yes’ to the world
Every Easter the Side Door Arts Trust in Christchurch puts together an art installation to help people contemplate Jesus Christ’s final journey, death, and resurrection. Often these are based on the Stations of the Cross, which commemorate the hours leading up to His death on the cross. Read more ....

Easter reflection - He has been raised
By Mary Caygill
Popular songs have been telling us for years that the most powerful words in any language are the words which express the conviction, ‘I love you’. And the songs are very nearly right. These words change lives. But the Church believes that there is another and equally brief message which is even more powerful and which is responsible for even greater transformations. Read more ....

Science and religion in harmony says award winning scientist
By Paul Titus
A co-winner of New Zealand’s inaugural Prime Minister’s Science Prize says religion and science are complementary ways of seeking truth. Dr Jeff Tallon believes religion is concerned with the most fundamental truths we can hold, whereas science is concerned with understanding how the universe works. Read more ....

Church sports day draws Tongan youth
Several hundred Tongan young people gathered in feisty competition one Saturday early in March to play netball, touch and volleyball. The sports day was aimed at uniting the youth of the Tongan Methodist Church. They came from 17 Tongan congregations throughout Auckland, and gathered at the Te Atatu sports field. Read more ....

ngan families unite to form Papakura church
By Cory Miller
A Tongan man’s search for a place to worship in his neighborhood of Papakura has led to the founding of a new church. When Tongo Vaiangina a member of the Tongan Methodist Tokaima’amanga Parish in Otara moved to a new family home in Papakura last year he found there was no local congregation. Read more ....

Could a super presbytery alter Northland’s ecumenical ethos?
By Paul Titus
To overcome shortages of people and resources the New Zealand Methodist and Presbyterian Churches are moving toward larger regional administrative units. In some parts of the country consolidation has taken place, in others discussions are underway. Now, moves to create a Presbyterian super presbytery that would encompass Northland, North Shore, Auckland, and South Auckland have raised some concerns about how it will affect Cooperating Ventures (CVs) in Northland. Read more ....

NZ churches edge towards Christian unity
By Rev John Roberts - Mission and Ecumenical secretary
New Zealand church representatives continue to move ahead in their efforts to establish a national ecumenical entity that will promote the visible unity of the church. A year ago I referred in Touchstone to an ecumenical winter following the demise of the Conference of Churches in 2005. The new initiative that is now underway signals that we may be entering an ecumenical spring. Read more ....

After the groundwork is done

I am writing on the day that marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Land Wars of Taranaki. On March 18th, Prime Minister John Key formally began the Treaty of Waitangi settlement negotiation process with Te Atiawa iwi at Owae Marae in Waitara. Read more ....

Radio that matters for those who need it most
A new radio station in the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) funded by the United Methodist Church serves as a tool to promote spiritual growth and combat poverty by sharing information about health, agriculture and employment. In countries such as Cote d’Ivoire electricity and the Internet are unreliable, many people cannot read or write, and roads are often impassable. Radio can give poor and isolated people the power to communicate, become better educated, and even transform their lives. Read more ....

Resources to refresh your church

By Paul Titus
Rev Andre le Roux is out to refresh the Methodist Church. "At present we are working on two main things. One is leadership resources for leaders’ meetings. The other is ‘10 Minutes on a Tuesday’, and it consists of suggestions and ideas for worship," Andre says. Read more ....