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May 2009

Esther’s story hits the road
A Christchurch youth group turned into wandering minstrels recently to take their play based on the Biblical story of Esther to Blenheim, Motueka and Nelson. Read more ....

Mighty totara falls
In March the Methodist Church mourned the passing of respected kaumatua and former president Rev Morehu (Buddy) Te Whare. Read more ....

Ploughshares priest wields non-violence to challenge complacency
By Cory Miller
Soft-spoken in voice but strong in conviction, Father Peter Murnane is a long-time Catholic priest and fighter of injustice. In 2008, alongside two fellow activists he sliced through the security fence of a satellite dish at the Waihopai spy base near Blenheim in a symbolic act of protest. They were arrested and spent four days in jail. Read more ....

Survey shows NZ not so secular after all
By Paul Titus
When the mainstream media reported on a major study of New Zealanders’ spiritual beliefs and practices earlier this year, they sensationalised its findings with headlines implying more Kiwis believe in fortune tellers than God.Far from the secular society New Zealand is often made out to be, however, the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) survey shows a large majority of us hold a belief in God or a higher power and a similar number accepts there are basic truths in many religions. A significant majority of us believe in life after death, and half of us pray. Read more ....

Pacific churches in solidarity with people of Fiji
A degree of irony surrounded this year’s annual gathering of Pacific Methodist and Uniting Church leaders.
The themes of the meeting were ‘Church and State’ and ‘Relations with Other Faiths’, and it took place in Fiji last month just after prime minister Commodore Frank Banimarama was removed from office and then restored to power and the government of Fiji was exerting greater political pressure on the media. Read more ....

Mori Pickering – living connection to Methodism’s past
By Donald Phillipps
I vividly recall my first meeting with Mori Pickering who celebrated her 100th birthday last month I was conducting a wedding of a young Fijian couple. There weren't too many guests to sing the hymns they had chosen but from the congregation there rose a voice of memorable quality. Read more ....

Operation Cover Up
Knitting project stitches people together around the world
By Marie Sherry

What started out as a small gesture aimed at providing knitted blankets for children in a Moldovan orphanage has turned into a major operation that has supplied more than 250,000 blankets and knitted garments to underprivileged children throughout the world. Read more ....

Pilgrim Productions share faith through laughter
By Cory Miller
Cheeky college boys, girlfriends, a tea party and an elderly aunt set the scene for what proved to be an award winning theatre production. On March 21st the Auckland Community Theatre Trust presented Pilgrim Productions with the AMI Best Comedy Award, for their performance of ‘Charley’s Aunt’. Charley’s Aunt also received nominations for Best Director and Best Costume design. Read more ....

Urgent need to create new disciples says Fresh Expressions missioner
By Paul Titus
In a world of change and diversity, the Church must give way to the spirit of creativity and blur some its traditional boundaries. This means initiating fresh new ways to make the good news of Jesus relevant to different groups of people. And churches must take these initiatives quickly because they are now in a serious state of decline. Read more ....

Walk For the Planet (continued)
In the last weeks of March and early April, the Walk for the Planet continued to make its way up the South Island through Canterbury and Marlborough. Among the highlights was arriving in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square for Earth Hour on March 28th. On Good Friday eight walkers took the ferry across Cooks Strait to Wellington. On Easter Sunday they made their way from Island Bay to Parliament for some final words, and afterwards some joined the Easter Day Evensong service at St Pauls Anglican Cathedral. Read more ....