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March 2009

Australian churches support bushfire victims

By Paul Titus

In the aftermath of the devastating bushfires in Victoria, Uniting Church of Australia relief efforts have sought to support those affected but not overwhelm them with attention. Read more...

Visit to Methodism’s NZ birthplace chance to explore Treaty

For students in Trinity College's ordination programme the academic year always begins with orientation . This year the orientation programme kicked off with a covenant service followed by a trip to Northland with members of Te Taha Maori. Read more...

New governing board charts Trinity College future
By Paul Titus
A responsive, flexible and sustainable learning environment that prepares 200 to 300 people a year for lay, deaconate and presbyteral ministry in the Methodist Church. This is the vision Trinity Methodist Theological College has for itself and it aims to achieve it by 2011.

Community church dissolves CV agreement

By Paul Titus

After a long and careful process of deliberation and consultation the South Canterbury Joint Regional Council has agreed to a Cooperative Venture’s request to dissolve its agreement of union. On January 1st the Presbyterian-Methodist St Andrew’s Cooperating Parish became a solely Presbyterian parish. The Methodist parish will now close. Read more...

Church funds in good heart despite downturn

Its diversified investment strategy will protect the Methodist Church from the worst effects of the global financial crisis, says Methodist Trust Association (MTA) executive officer Greg Wright. Read more...

Kids Friendly churches open arms to families

By Cory Miller

Making churches friendly and inviting for children is one of the initiatives the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand is using to reverse the country’s rapid decline in church attendance. Read more...

Prayers for worms, pets & parents at kids-centred service

By Cory Miller

The Kids Friendly congregation of St Heliers Church and Community Centre believes in the vital contribution children and their families offer. At Kids Friendly services children are included in all aspects of the service and had the freedom to participate and express themselves. Read more...

New website connects Kiwi Christian artists

For more than a decade the Chrysalis Seed Trust has been trying to overcome the isolation many contemporary Christian artists and promote their cause in the wider arts community. Now Chrysalis Seed is shedding its skin and moving onto a different stage in its life. Read more...

John Drylie’s 25 years of ministry

Sunday 1 February was a day of celebration for West Coasters who marked Rev John and Jan Drylie's 25 years of ministry to the parish of St Andrew's United Church of Hokitika-Ross-South Westland. Read more...

Elva Reynolds – deacon extraordinary

By Ken Russell

When Elva Reynolds offered herself for ordination as a deacon 25 years ago, it continued a lifetime of service. Indeed, when Elva began her diaconate ministry she was already past the commonly accepted retirement age. This irony was remarked upon in January when Elva celebrated her 90th birthday with family and friends. Read more...