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June 2009

Methodist-Anglican covenant stirs hope for deeper relations
By Cory Miller
Greeted by the choral chords of the Tongan choir, the gathered drifted into Lotofale’ia the Tongan Methodist Church in Mangere, Auckland to witness representatives of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia sign a covenant with the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Read more .....

Creativity, bridge building the highlights of Equipt 09
Organisers say they are pleased with a first-ever joint conference New Zealand churches in the Methodist tradition held to resource leaders to reach their communities with the gospel. Equipt 09 was a regional conference of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI). About 150 people attended the four day event at the end of April, which included workshops and plenary sessions presented by Kiwis and speakers from the WMEI. Read more .....

Methodist Churches on upswing in global south
The Methodist movement is alive and well, and it is growing particularly in the developing world where evangelism is a priority.
As is the case for other mainline churches, in developed Western countries Methodist Churches are showing uneven developments. Some exciting things are happening in developing countries, however. Read more .....

What can Buddha and Confucius teach Christians?
By Paul Titus
Evangelism in our culturally and religiously diverse world requires being a witness to the Gospel but also learning from those of other faiths. This is the view of Equipt 09 plenary speaker Rev Dr Jong Chun Park. Jong is professor of systematic theology at the Methodist Theological University in Seoul and chair of the World Methodist Council’s Theological Education Committee. He says for Korean Christians, the dialogue with other faiths is not just external, with people of other religions. It is also internal because aspects of pre-Christian religion are still part of the psyche of Asian Christians. Read more .....

Use God’s gifts to reach others, says Evangelism Institute head
The World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI) has three goals, says its director Dr Winston Worrell.
They are to 1) train leaders in evangelism; 2) connect the leaders of Methodist and Wesleyan churches around the world; and 3) produce resources for evangelism. Read more .....

Celebrating life with Celtic spirit
By Marie Sherry
Christchurch Presbyterian minister and author John Hunt’s new book We Celebrating People aims to bring back the tradition of rituals and help people celebrate the good in their lives. All his works are inspired by Celtic spirituality, and follow John’s first visit to the isle of Iona in Scotland 11 years ago. Read more .....

Mucking In honours Wesley College favourite
By Marie Sherry
Wesley College art department head Miriam Chainey has had her backyard transformed into a European masterpiece by TV One’s Mucking In programme. Read more .....

Ethical objections to euthanasia
By David Richmond
Contrary to what its advocates would have us believe, euthanasia is a complex ethical, social and theological issue. New Zealanders tend to hear only arguments in favour of euthanasia because they are more prevalent in the media. Advocates for the practice have no difficulty getting their views canvassed by the media, especially when a tragic case occurs in which someone suffers a difficult death. Read more .....

Hui draws rangatahi to Dargaville
After young people in Te Taha Maori’s Tai Tokerau (Northland) rohe expressed a desire to meet some of their counterparts in other parts of Aotearoa, the adults got busy. The result was national rangatahi (youth) hui over Easter weekend that attracted 60 young people to Dargaville. Read more .....

Trinity College abuzz with new courses, new faces
By Paul Titus
Courses in Tongan and Samoan and part-time lecturers from different sections of the Church are among the initiatives Trinity College is using to fulfil its mandate to train a new generation of Methodist ministers and lay persons. College officials say to sharpen its focus, they have radically revamped its core ministry development programmes to concentrate on both the realities of parish ministry and theological thinking at depth. To do this they have expanded the range of people who teach its courses. Read more .....

Tongan immersion childcare teaches children the island way
By Cory Miller

The sounds of laughter and the patter of tiny feet echo across the playground of Akoteu Lotofale’ia, the Tongan Early Childhood Education Centre, situated behind Mangere’s Tongan Methodist Church.Loviana Lusaipu is the supervisor of the centre which has been in the running since 2000. Under the umbrella of the Methodist Church, the educational centre was brought to life with funding from the Ministry of Education. Its roots are deep in the soil of the Tongan culture and the Methodist faith. Read more .....