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April 2009

Anglicans and Methodists to sign covenant on Wesley Day
By Terry Wall
Ecumenism is alive in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Holy Spirit continues to provide energy in response to the prayer in John’s gospel "that they may be one" (John 17:21). Evidence of this is to be found in Union and Co-operating Parishes the length and breadth of the country.
Read more ....

Avondale community centre a labour of love or Dying church resurrected as community centre

By Cory Miller

On the corner of Auckland’s Rosebank Road and Orchard Street, amidst an array of industrial sites sits a small and apparently unremarkable building. But hidden behind the peeling exterior exists the vibrant community of the Avondale Union Parish, who are working together to transform their church into a community centre. Read more ....

Axing Bioethics Council blow to democracy say critics
By Marie Sherry
The government’s recent decision to close the Bioethics Council of New Zealand has raised concern about citizens’ ability to have input into major ethical issues. Environment Minister Nick Smith says he has discontinued the council to help ensure the Government can afford to meet its priorities for the environment in difficult economic times. Read more ....

Church leaders’ summit strikes note of hope in face of recession
On the day the government hosted its highly publicised Jobs Summit, another group gathered to discuss the recession and how it is affecting New Zealanders.
Leaders of five mainline Church leaders met with leaders of the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) to discuss how to best provide support for those affected by the global economic crisis. Read more ....

Charles Darwin - Secular Saint
By Keith Rowe
The centenary of Charles Darwin’s birth is a chance for Christian congregations to recognise and celebrate the contribution he made to our understanding of life’s origins and to the renewal of Christianity. It is an opportunity to welcome truth from wherever it comes.The suggestion that there is an inevitable conflict between scientific descriptions of life and those found within the Bible is a tragic distortion. Science and religion are complementary pathways to truth, two attempts to grasp the inner meaning of life. Each discipline needs the wisdom of the other. Read more ....

Darwinism and Modern "Biologism": An Alternative View.
By Robert Miller, freelance researcher associated with Otago University
For much of the 20th century, science was dominated by physics, but biology now dominates. Immense technical progress in biology has thrown up profound ethical dilemmas. My own work, on the theory of brain function, in relation to schizophrenia, brings me to know well the attitudes of other biologists. Increasingly I question these attitudes. I have serious worries about where biology is taking us. It is not the science itself that I reject, but rather the world view emerging in its wake. Read more ....

Rushton family reunites
A gathering of 150 of his descendents and their families gathered at Tatuanui, Morrinsville, 16-18 January 09, to celebrate the centennial of the arrival of Percy Rushton in New Zealand.
Highlights of the week-end were three re-enactments. The first was of his arrival at Annandale, near Morrinsville, where he was welcomed by William Shepherd Allen, a Methodist lay preacher who soon had Percy preaching throughout the extensive Upper Thames Circuit. The second was of Percy’s pioneer farming days at Tatuanui where he pitched a borrowed tent in virgin bush, and, in partnership with his brother Wilfrid and neighbour Bill Woodley, supplemented his income by a contract to build a road from the railway to the farm using a horse and dray. The third was of Percy meeting and falling in love with Ella Perrott at a church picnic – a meeting that led to the establishment of a family of nine girls and two boys, and eventually 163 descendants. Read more ....

Walk for the Planet hits its stride
Upon reaching its half-way point, Walk for the Planet (W4TP) turned out to be a successful effort that has generated lots of interest and discussion of environment issues in the communities it has passed through. It has also been marked by a high level of ecumenical cooperation with congregations of all denominational persuasions offering hospitality and support. Mayors and district councillors have been on hand in all major centres to greet the walkers when they have arrived. Read more ....