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September 2008

Local Ecumenical Projects the new face of ecumenism

By Paul Titus

Though the movement for church union is now defunct in New Zealand, the pressures that compel local congregations to join forces have not abated. As the major denominations now frown on the creation of new Cooperating Ventures, their solution is to create a Local Ecumenical Project (or LEP). Read more...

Local Ecumenical Projects in Action

By Paul Titus and Corazon Miller

Touchstone examines three Local Ecumenical Projects around the country, Straford in Taranaki and Shirley and Waimakariri in Canterbury. Read more...

British Methodists seek fresh expressions, pioneering ministry

By Paul Titus

As the United Kingdom become increasingly multicultural and secular, the Methodist Church of Great Britain is experimenting with new ways to reach out and engage people. Read more...

Good show by Hokianga netballers

A team from a Hokianga hapu with strong ties to the Methodist Church as had a successful expedition to Queensland to take part in a major netball carnival. Read more...

Challenges on a different scale for Fijian minister in NZ

After more than 18 years in the Methodist Church in Fiji, Rev Bob Sidal says ministry in New Zealand is pretty straight forward. However, he is concerned about the lack of young people in his new parish, St Lukes Union Church in Halswell. Read more...

Government policies creating NZ of rich and poor

By David Hines

Governments need to target poverty directly, rather than leaving poor people to benefit from spinoffs from policies that were not designed with them in mind. That is the view director of the Salvation Army’s social policy parliamentary unit Major Campbell Roberts. Read more...

Theologians explore women, violence and religion

The role religion plays in violence towards women was the topic of a ‘summer school’ that Methodist Church of NZ vice president Dr Barbara Peddie and Wesley Wellington presbyter Rev Dr Lynne Frith attended in England in late July.


Tonga’s top award to NZ Methodist minister

When Methodist Minister Rev Kilifi Heimuli went to Tonga for the coronation of King George Tupou V, to his suprise, he was made a Commander of the Order of Queen Salote Tupou III. Read more...