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October 2008

Methodist leaders urge passion and risk at Conference 2008
The theme for the 2008 Conference of Te Haahi Weteriana is ‘Living our faith with passion’.
The incoming presidential team of Rev Jill van de Geer and Ron Gibson say this means passion for what we believe in, passion for sharing what we believe with others and listening to what others wish to share with us, passion for deepening and strengthening our sense of the spiritual, and above all the passion for caring for all people and our planet.
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Elections 2008: How Methodists see the issues
In the lead up to this year’s general election Touchstone has done its own informal political survey. We have asked a cross section of church leaders what they see as the key issues facing the country.
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Methodist Mother Theresa laid to rest
Church leaders, parishioners and former residents of the Papanui Children’s Home gathered en masse at Papanui Methodist Church last month to farewell one of the Church’s most inspiring figures, Sister Rona Collins.
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Theology of stipends
Pros and cons of higher pay for church leaders
An issue that will likely stir some debate at Methodist Conference 2008 is the Report of the Stipends Review Group. The Review Group was formed in 2006 to examine a raft of issues related to the careers of Methodist presbyters.
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Near death experiences reveal life after life
The testimony of people who have approached death or ‘crossed over’ and returned to this life strongly suggest that life does not end on this earth, says Rev Dr Jim Stuart.
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Children of a forsaken marriage:
a history of the Uniting Church mov’t in NZ

The metaphor of a betrothal that never led to marriage is an image Rev Dr Laurie Barber uses to good effect in his thesis that provides a historical account of the uniting church movement in NZ.
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Kiwi homeless soccer team kicks off
By Cory Miller
New Zealand’s first homeless soccer team is preparing for its debut on the international playing field. It is to take part the Homeless World Cup’s 6th annual tournament, which takes place in Melbourne over the week starting December 1st.
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Do-it-yourself funerals deliver better grieving
By Marie Sherry
Families that have an active involvement in their loved one’s funeral find the process healing and a huge help with their grief, according to a Christchurch-based group that helps people organise alternative funerals.
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Big birthday bash for Boys’ Brigade
Boys' Brigade is the world's first uniformed youth organisation, and this month it is celebrating its 125th birthday.
Boys’ Brigade is an interdenominational movement. The first known Boys Brigade Company in New Zealand started on October 29th, 1886 in Christchurch. The heyday of the Brigades in this country was the period from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.
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