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May 2008

Trans-Tasman gathering cultivates rural ministry
By Paul Titus

Clergy and lay people from rural parishes on both sides of the ditch gathered in the top of the south last month to share experiences, do some soul searching, and recharge their batteries. Read more....

Busy enterprise began with calling to provide refuge
It may seem unlikely to run a national mail order business from a small town such as Otane. Even more unlikely to combine that business with a counselling service that offers support to people throughout Central Hawkes Bay and further afield. Read more....

Church battles major corporate to block grog shop
By Paul Titus
A Manukau church is opposing the application of one of NZ’s biggest companies to open a liquor store in its neighbourhood.
When the leaders’ meeting at Trinity Methodist Pakuranga learned last year that Foodstuffs (owner of New World, Pak 'N Save, and Four Square supermarkets) was planning to turn the empty Pizza Hut building next door to the church into a liquor outlet, it decided to take action.
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Seeds of division sown within Workplace Support
By Marie Sherry

The Methodist Church of New Zealand has chosen not to endorse a breakaway sector of the Interchurch Trade and Industry Mission Group, Workplace Support. Read More....

Global financial crisis brushes Methodist Church
The Methodist Church of NZ has not escaped the global credit crunch that has seen some financial companies suffer big losses and governments intervene to prevent wider economic fallout.
The Methodist Trust Association (MTA) has announced that in the last financial quarter it suffered a capital loss for the first time in its 30 year history.
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Hospice chaplain walks with those at the end of life’s journey
Hospice chaplain Andrea Williamson says her work is far from grim. It has enabled her to share some profound moments of intimacy and humour and witness the courage and serenity with which people face death.
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Mission charts pathways out of homelessness
In conjunction with unveiling its new name, Lifewise, Methodist Mission Northern, last month launched a new model for delivering social services at its city shelter based on collaboration with other service providers.
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Methodist harrier clubs an ‘enduring’ tradition
By Paul Titus
As a new wave of weight conscious walkers, gym goers, and Lycra-clad cyclists crowds our parks and streets, it is worth remembering that fitness fanatics are nothing new. In the past they were known as harriers, and harrier clubs were a dynamic element of church life in many cities.
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