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March 2008

Sensing Murder or making a killing? Television psychics stir up debate

By Katherine Armon

Mediums and psychics have a long history in the church. The best known Biblical example is the medium who King Saul summoned to contact Samuel in his time of distress (1 Samuel 28). Read more...

Super synod looms for lower North Island

By Paul Titus

The three Methodist synods in the lower North Island are drawing up plans to amalgamate. Read more...

Church agencies ‘cautiously jubilant’ over social services funding boost

Christian social service providers are cautiously applauding the Labour-led government’s announcement of major new funding for essential social services. Read more...

Methodist mayor’s to-do list includes arts centre, energy efficiency, affordable housing

By Katherine Armon

In October the citizens of Nelson welcomed their new mayor, Kerry Marshall, and his team to office.

The Marshall family has deep roots within the Methodist Church, and spirituality and faith play a strong part in Kerry’s life at home and in the workplace. Read more...

‘Like the Treaty in practice’ Pakeha congregation hosts Maori visitors to Waitangi

Waitangi Day is a time of celebration but also a time when New Zealanders explore their cultural differences and the nation’s shortcomings. This is especially true at Waitangi itself.

Though not easy, such self-examination can be enlightening, and this year Waitangi Day helped two church groups reap the rewards that can come when we get out of our comfort zones. Read more...

‘May the worst man win’ -Methodist president Roger Award judge

By Paul Titus

Which company will win the dubious distinction of being New Zealand’s worst transnational corporation and walking away with this year’s Roger Award?

Among the six judges to make that decision is Methodist Church of NZ president Rev Brian Turner. Read more...