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Methodists enter the blogosphere

Definition blog: short for ‘Web log’, a specialized site that allows an individual or group to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences.

The creation of two blogs is the Methodist Church of NZ’s latest effort to find better ways to use the Internet. The blogs are used to post notices, messages, and invite people to give their feedback and exchange views.

The Church’s Mission Resourcing division established the first blog and now it has helped its Local Shared Ministry workgroup launch its own blog.

Director of Tauiwi Pakeha ministry Rev Nigel Hanscamp is behind the effort to develop the blogs. The initiative came out of a study project he is doing at Unitec on developing human resources for the church.

"It is not difficult to set up a blog. We can help any group in the church who wants to start one.

"On our blogs up to 10 people can post material and anyone can send in their comments. Each blog must have a moderator who monitors the comments to remove spam and offensive comments."

Mission Resourcing’s blog carries postings by all the division’s staff, including Pasifika ministry director Rev Aso Saleupolu and youth facilitator Te Rito Peyroux. The categories of material they post include: events, information, ministry resourcing, thoughts, youth, and even ‘using a blog’. Other categories will be added as new material is provided.

The Local Shared Ministry (LSM) blog carries the name Methodist Enable. It serves three purposes:

1) to distribute LSM training material;

2) to provide a place the LSM workgroup can communicate with LSM units, congregations, enablers, and anyone else who is interested;.

3) to provide a forum where superintendents, enablers and ministry teams can 'talk' to each other.

About twice a month someone from the LSM workgroup will post something on the blog. The group has a rich store of educational material and stories from parishes and is eager to have more. They would love to hear from those doing local shared ministry in other denominations and other parts of the world.

The address for Mission Resourcing’s blog is

And the address for the Local Shared Ministry blog is