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Touchstone July 2008

Youthful outlook transforms church
By Paul Titus
A dynamic lay ministry team and a focus on young people have breathed new life into an Auckland Church that was looking into a future of uncertainty. Through such steps as renaming Sunday school the ‘Super Sunday Club’, adding a Friday evening youth programme, and offering Tongan and Samoan language classes, St Mary’s Co-Operating Church in Glen Innes is making itself more attractive to families.
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Church body warns against ‘designer babies’
The media have raised the prospect of designer babies after a government advisory body made a recommendation that parents within in vitro fertilisation programmes should have the right to choose the sex of their child. In response, the Interchurch Bioethics Council has released a statement saying it does not support sex selection except on medical grounds.
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Methodists enter the blogosphere
The creation of two blogs is the Methodist Church of NZ’s latest effort to find better ways to use the Internet. The blogs are used to post notices, messages, and invite people to give their feedback and exchange views.
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Gong for acoustical engineer and choir stalwart
By Marie Sherry
Queens Birthday Honours recipient Harold Marshall has sung in the Mt Albert Methodist Church choir for 60 years and has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an acoustics designer.
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Kiwi Methodists on hand for Tongan Wesleyans’ Conference

Representatives of the Methodist Church of NZ were warmly greeted and f?ted when they attended the annual conference of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga (FWCT) last month. Read more....

Oil-spill brings change of heart in Korean churches
By Rev Jan M. Fogg
On December 5th, 2007, disaster struck off-shore. A barge towing a crane in rough seas rammed into a single-hulled oil tanker waiting to off-load its crude oil to a refinery. 10,500 tons of crude oil was spilled into the ocean before the leak could be stopped. In the high winds, thick black oil quickly washed up along the beaches. Eventually 150 km of coastline and 26 beautiful beaches were covered with oil.
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Ship with a mission in port
These days the world’s oldest passenger ship does not spend its days ferrying tourists to tropical vacation spots – rather it is a ship on a mission. The MV Doulos is one of the vessels operated by Operation Mobilisation, and it is now visiting New Zealand on its farewell tour.
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In the election booth remember children and older people, say Christian social services
In its efforts to encourage people to think hard about social issues in this election year the NZ Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) has developed information packs on the issues facing the youngest and the oldest New Zealanders. Horror stories in the media and statistics show that rates of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and child poverty are too high in New Zealand.
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21st century Pacific theology needed
Pacific theologians can help the global Christian community come to a better understanding of the Bible, according to Trinity Theological College’s newest lecturer. Last month Rev Nasili Vaka’uta was appointed to a fixed term as Trinity’s lecturer in Biblical Studies.
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‘Churches should get their hands dirty’ – South African theologian
South African theologian Dr Nico Koopman believes churches need to expand their prophetic role in society. Beyond offering public criticism and visions of a good society, Christians should engage in the analysis and work required to achieve it, he says.
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Mystery at the heart of science and religion
By Paul Titus
Indigenous people can contribute to the dialogue between science and religion, says theologian Rev Dr Ama’amalele (Ama) Tofaeono Siolo.
Ama says church people are happy to adapt the technology science provides but are often less willing to accept scientific explanations of nature and existence. Nevertheless, at the heart of both science and religion is the experience of mystery.
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Shared housing not just for young people
By Paul Titus
It is not unusual for young people to go flatting in order to stretch their limited incomes. Now three grandmothers are living proof that the strategy can be just as effective for older people.
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