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December 2008

Conference will equip churches for outreach
Speakers from the World Methodist Evangelism Institute will be among the presenters at an international workshop for church leadership teams coming to New Zealand next year.
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Uniting Church in Australia nurtures shoots of growth in secular climate
Uniting Church of Australia (UCA) president Rev Gregor Henderson says his church is seeing some signs of growth but must become accustomed to being a faithful minority in a largely secular society.
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Passion and practicalities at Methodist Conference 2008
By Paul Titus
With some important decisions reached and some contentious ones postponed, Methodist Conference 2008 was a largely harmonious affair. It was harmonious too because music and dance were an important part of the proceedings.
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Wesley College in the spotlight
One of the most moving points of Conference came at the end of the induction service when Wesley College students encircled the auditorium and performed a haka.
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Chaplain to bolster peacekeepers in Timor Leste
Army chaplain Rev Tavake Manu headed off with a company of New Zealand peacekeepers to Timor Leste last month. Tavake is the sole Methodist chaplain supporting the New Zealand armed forces. He is stationed at Burnham Army Base south of Christchurch.
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Church investments under the microscope
It was no coincidence that responsible investment was the topic of one of the special interest workshops that followed the ordination service at Methodist Conference 2008. The Investment Advisory Board is reviewing the Church’s investment policies in light of the latest criteria for responsible investment. ....Read more.

Peace centre head grounded in Methodism
By Marie Sherry
The appointment of internationally renowned academic Professor Kevin Clements as the new chair in Peace and Conflict studies at the University of Otago should have particular relevance for New Zealand’s Methodist community.
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After Lambeth, world’s Anglican seek means to hold together
In August Rt Rev Victoria Matthews was installed as the bishop of Diocese of Christchurch, one of the seven dioceses of Tikanga Pakeha in the Anglican Church. ....Read more.

Friendship House – the human touch in a concrete city
By Corazon Miller
Deep in the bustling heart of Manukau City sits Friendship House, which calls itself a place for people. Established in 1979 Friendship House is a social service centre that has grown and evolved in response to the changing needs of the community it is called to serve.
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