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August 2008

Another Methodist Mission says ‘no thanks’ to pokie money
At a recent meeting of its Board, The Methodist Mission in Dunedin decided to stop accepting money from gambling trusts and casinos, because of concerns about the damage that gaming machines are doing in society. Last year the Christchurch Methodist Mission made headlines when it announced it would no longer seek grants from trusts funded by gambling money.
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Methodist deacons spread welcome mat
The annual convocation of the Methodist Church’s deacons became an ecumenical event this year when they welcomed deacons from other NZ churches and the Diakonia World Federation. About 30 people attended the Diakonia Convocation in Wanganui last month.
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Deacons catalysts for spiritual and cultural growth
By Cory Miller

"I want people to meet one another and have life transforming experiences." This desire is expressed by Deacon Louise Williams, a keynote speaker at the Diakonia Convocation held in Wanganui last month.
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Future of church must be diaconal
By Paul Titus

Peter Pocock wants us to imagine a diaconal church. He contrasts a diaconal church with the church as it now is, which he says is a Christendom church. "Churches have a problem. They are so concerned about maintaining the status quo that they have lost site of their true mission," he says.
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Rumours of CVs’ demise denied
By Paul Titus
Most readers of the July edition of the Methodist Church’s email newsletter ‘e-Messenger’ would have been startled to read MCNZ president Rev Brian Turner refute a rumour they had not heard.Brian wrote "there is absolutely no substance to the rumour that the Methodist Church of NZ has agreed with the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ (PCANZ) to dismantle Union/Cooperating Parishes or divide them up between Partner Churches." Read more....

Youth build bonds for peace
The Morrinsville dairy farm is staggering to the young overseas visitors – 440 cows on as many acres, the biggest and most productive farm they have seen. The visitors are six young people from Sri Lanka, Fiji and East Timor. They are in New Zealand for Christian World Service’s Global Youth Encounter.
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Meet the future presbyters: Trinity College students offer mix of talents
"This year Trinity College has 11 students. Each brings a new and important set of talents. We embrace with gratitude, respect and good will those people who have chosen to become full-time servants and leaders of the church. We encourage them to confront the inevitable times of difficult challenge knowing Church members are willing to offer their support."
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Living memories of railway’s birth
By Laurie Michie
In November 1908 the last spike was driven-in to mark the completion of the Wellington to Auckland railway line. Rev Douglas Burt has written something of the story of the Methodist mission to those working on its construction in the period 1895-1908. This is contained in the latest publication of the Wesley Historical Society.
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NZ Church leaders explore new forms of cooperation
Currently New Zealand has the dubious distinction of being one of the few Christian countries in the world without an ecumenical forum where representatives of different denominations can exchange views and develop joint endeavours. A new initiative may end this, however.
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‘What do lay preachers want?’ new facilitator asks
By Marie Sherry
Lead facilitator Dorothy Willis has been working to open the channels of communication through the association and find out what its members want.
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Humanitarian crisis in Darfur drags on
Darfur’s future remains uncertain. The conflict over land, resources and ethnicity is unresolved, and violence continues. 2.5 million people, more than a third of the region’s population, are living in refugee camps. 250,000 Darfurians have been forced from their homes in the last year alone. 450,000 people have died from violence, disease or starvation since the conflict began in 2003 and 4 million are now dependent on food aid. The United Nations estimates that 100,000 civilians would die every month if humanitarian aid was stopped.
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Auckland Mission sells Queen Street chapel and homeless centre
By Paul Titus

A major chapter in Methodist history began to close last month, when Methodist Mission Northern (MMN) announced it has sold a property in the heart of Auckland that it has occupied for more than 150 years.The property includes the Aotea Chapel and the LIFEWISE Centre, which provides meals and support services to homeless people.
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