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September 2007

That the world may know Jesus
Why are two Methodist ministers sporting suntans in the middle of a Canterbury winter? Because they are recently back from a two week visit to the United States for the Eighth International Evangelism Seminar of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI).
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Methodists rethink the theology of property
By Paul Titus
The Methodist Church of NZ is set to decide whether to make some fundamental changes in the way it deals with its property. A report to August Synods and Conference 2008 asks that Methodist parishes be allowed to use some income from the sale of their assets for aspects of mission other than their buildings.

Lay preachers listen out for parables of nature
Remember rainbows, wonder about the way we are made, and learn lessons from our gardens. These were some of the suggestions Joy Cowley made in a workshop made in a workshop for lay preachers last month.

Kiwi eco Christians link to global network
By Marie Sherry
Local conservation groups throughout New Zealand now have the chance to become part of the international Christian ecological organisation A Rocha, which was established in New Zealand last year.

Green light for Garden City eco Christians
An ecumenical network of Christian ecologists is taking shape in Christchurch. The group consists of Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Pentecostals and unaffiliated Christians who share an interest in actively protecting and nurturing creation.

New spiritual resource focuses on disability
By Julia Stuart
When you start to delve into the disability, you shouldn’t be too amazed to learn how many people and families have personal experience of it. After all, census and population studies claim one person in five New Zealanders experiences a disability of some kind.

Angel’s six decades of lay service
In 1943 an 18 year old youth stepped into the pulpit of Kaiwarra Methodist Church in Wellington to preach his first sermon. Since that day many parishes in Wellington, Kapiti and the Wairarapa have been blessed by the preaching of Alton Angel.