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October 2007

Century of deaconesses chance to ponder future church
By Paul Titus
While their calling often puts them in touch with our most marginalised and damaged people, it cannot be said that deacons and deaconesses are grim. When they gathered with friends and families in Christchurch last month to mark the 100th anniversary since the founding of the Methodist Deaconess Order of New Zealand, good humour and laughter were in abundance.

Churches echo ‘It’s Not Okay’ message against family violence
By Julia Stuart
We’re going to be seeing a lot more about family violence in the media in the next few months but it’s not going to be all horror stories about abused women and children.
At the beginning of September, the government launched a major campaign of attitude and behaviour change with the slogan ‘Family Violence – It’s Not OK’.

Churches a major force in NZ economy
By Julia Stuart
Despite public perceptions of the Church as a marginalized and fading institution in New Zealand, new figures released last month show religion makes a huge contribution to our economy.

Should Methodist Missions accept gambling money?
By Paul Titus
It’s not often that Methodists end up on the front page of a major daily newspaper but that was the case last month when The Press got wind of the Christchurch Methodist Mission’s decision to stop applying for grants from the local casino or gaming machine trusts.

World Methodist executives gather in Sydney
The 200 people from around the world who make up the executive of the World Methodist Council met in Sydney last month. NZ Methodist Church representatives were general secretary Rev Jill van de Geer and Trinity College principal Rev Mary Caygill.

Solomon Islands: Tears dry in house of crying
By John Roberts, Mission and Ecumenical
In about a week the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the western Solomon Islands on April 2nd were no longer of interest to our news media. Yet this disaster caused 52 deaths and huge damage to property with a number of villages completely destroyed. Four months after the event I made a solidarity visit to the United Church in the Solomon Islands and saw what life is like in some of the most severely affected areas.

Techicolour production fills pockets, warms hearts
By Katherine Armon
Meadowlands Methodist Community Church in Auckland was the setting for an unusual production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last month.