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February 2007

Census reveals religion in Aotearoa changing, ebbing
By John Roberts, Mission
and Ecumenical secretary
Spare a thought for the census enumerators who in 2006 traipsed our streets and climbed the stairs of apartment blocks delivering forms to be completed on census night, and later returned to collect them. Late last year the results on religious affiliation were released. They provide a snapshot of the state of religion in Aotearoa New Zealand today.

Outreach meets need on the street
By Paul Titus
It’s Friday night in Christchurch. A white van pulls up in front of a prostitute on Manchester Street. Instead of an offer to exchange money for sex, however, a cheerful young woman’s voice calls out ‘Gidday, love – would you like a hot drink or something to eat?’ This is the Salvation Army’s Street Outreach Service (SOS).

Spirituality on the menu at cafe conversations
By Paul Titus
On a cool evening in early December, patrons at Ocean Caf? in New Brighton finish their meals and sit back with coffee and dessert to listen to a talk by sports psychologist Gilbert Enoka. ‘Caf? Conversations’ is an effort by the combined churches of New Brighton to reach out to an audience that does not normally attend church.

Labour Party to resurrect Christian politics?
By Julia Stuart
“The Methodist Church has a glorious record of political involvement in this country, and has every reason to be proud of it,” says head of Victoria University’s Religious Studies Department Dr Paul Morris. “I would hope that the Methodist Church continues its well-developed liberal political tradition into the future.”

Ecumenical laboratory celebrates 60 years
By John Roberts (Methodist Mission and Ecumenical) and Alexander Belopopsky (World Council of Churches)
Amidst the vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland is Chateau de Bossey, the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) Ecumenical Institute. It has been a unique international centre for Christian dialogue and learning since 1946.