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May 2006

Methodist Mission reaches out to Mongrel Mob
By Paul Titus
Wellington Methodist Mission – Wesley Community Action (WCA) – added a new twist to its work with society’s marginalised people when it met for a three day exchange of ideas with the ‘Notorious’ chapter of the Mongrel Mob.

New CASI officer knows poverty first hand
A lifetime of missionary work has given the Churches’ Agency on Social Issues’ new research and liaison officer Paul Thompson a very personal awareness of social justice issues.

‘I am the resurrection and the life’
Devonport’s sidewalk caf? set enjoying lattes and brilliant autumn weather on Good Friday were briefly interrupted by a procession marking the stations of cross on the road to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Hope on a library shelf
By John Roberts
A letter arrived on my Mission and Ecumenical desk in 2002. It was from Eky Perebugo, librarian at the United Church’s Rarongo Theological College on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. Eky’s was seeking second hand book donations for the college library.

Astrology and Christianity
An exchange of views between David Bell & Peter Williamson
There are many things I love about the Bible. One facet that is little appreciated is Biblical astrology. Not surprisingly I have found that this particular subject can infuriate a lot of people, including both scientists and Biblical conservatives, a surprising alliance.

Walk to Emmaus to deepen spiritual involvement
When two of Jesus’ followers left Jerusalem in despair after his crucifixion, he appeared to them on the road as a stranger. He joined them and enlightened them as they walked to the village of Emmaus. This event is the inspiration behind the spiritual renewal programme Walk to Emmaus.

Glamorous group supports Methodist gays and lesbians
Gay and lesbian members of the Methodist Church of NZ have created an informal network to provide each other support and information.