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February 2006

Pilgrimage centre to honour NZ national, spiritual roots
By Paul Titus
A 40-year old vision to create a centre for Christian pilgrimage and worship of international significance near Marsden Cross in the Bay of Islands is poised to become reality.

Richmond Methodists ring true
A gift from a visiting Japanese woman has brought new life to an aging Christchurch congregation.

New spiritual movements challenge the church
By Paul Titus
Contemporary religious and spiritual movements offer refreshing ways to understand and express the divine. Yet rejecting mainstream traditions can lead to such pitfalls as self absorption, amorality, or prejudice.

Mission bucks trend to keep Wesleyhaven
By Christie Pearce
Late last year the Board of Wesley Community Action (WCA) decided not to sell its Hutt Valley retirement village, Wesleyhaven. The decision was driven by a desire to meet the needs of older people who do not fit into or can not afford other housing options.

In Phillipines war on terror is war on people
By Tim Howard
The labels “war on terror” and “terrorism” reflect a worldview we need to check against reality. The war on terror often means war by states against their own people. It means state terrorism.

PNG through young eyes
Last year Revs Fred and Marcia Baker returned to Papua New Guinea Highlands. where they served as missionaries in the 1970s. With them two of their sons, Graeme and David, and their daughter Meryn. Graeme’s children – Michelle (22) and Andrew (11) – also went along. Here are their stories.