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August 2006

Five Tonne Challenge: churches, individuals can help reduce global warming
By Paul Titus
One of the key drivers of climate change is fossil fuel emissions (CO2). Current fuel and electricity use is unsustainable, and movements are underway all over the world to reduce it.

Group builds soapbox for Christian left
By Julia Stuart
Born from a caf? conversation in Dunedin less than a year ago, the new church social justice group ‘Focal’ held its first out-of-town event in Wellington at the end of June. Members were agreeably surprised at the level of interest and engagement with its agenda in the capital city

Social issues, gays in ministry hot topics at Australian Uniting Church Assembly
By Paul Titus
To help monitor human rights abuses in the Asia-Pacific region and not to establish a national doctrine at this time in relation to homosexual people in leadership were among the decisions the Uniting Church of Australia (UCA) reached at its 11th national assembly in early July. read more...

Lotto in Kaeo
To initiate its second discussion the Auckland Synod Chatroom printed this opinion by Rev Robyn McPhail. Robyn’s article provoked a lively exchange of ideas about gambling in our communities and how churches might respond to it. read more...

Wanganui mission targets emergency needs
By Paul Titus
Christian Social Services Wanganui (CSS Wanganui) has two unique features that distinguish it from other church missions around New Zealand.

Farm sprouts hope for troubled kids
A Canterbury couple is using plants and animals to change the lives of troubled young people and provide respite care to their families.