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September 2005

Historic churches – legacy or liability?
By Marie Sherry and Paul Titus
Having a church registered as a heritage building is an honour and source of pride but it can also pose problems. Once a church is listed as a historic place in a district plan, the parish may find it has to consult with local authorities when it makes major decisions about it.

Parishes follow different paths to surmount challenge of aging buildings
To fulfil its mission and meet the needs and desires of the local community is not an easy tasks for any church parish. But when they become entangled in property issues finding a way forward can be even more difficult.

Ecumenical pioneer assassinated
Christians around the world mourned the loss of Brother Roger, the Swiss Protestant theologian who in 1940 founded a community of monks in Taiz?, eastern France, that became a worldwide ecumenical movement.

Christians and Muslims grapple with diversity
Relations between Christians and Muslims in the contemporary world are tetchy because they are the only religions that have staked a claim over the entire world, according to Waikato University Religious Studies lecturer Rev Dr Douglas Pratt.

Diversity feature of NZ Muslim community
Though they share core understandings and values, New Zealand’s Muslims are not a monolithic community but divided along many lines. New Zealander Abdullah Drury converted to Islam in his 20s. He says the diversity among Muslims is analogous to the situation among Christians.

Sexual theologian plumbs new understandings
Who is Jesus for a transvestite? This is the type of question Marcella Althaus-Reid asks in her efforts to further the cause of liberation theology by reaching out to marginal people.

Church should promote safe sex message
Churches should develop more sophisticated ways to talk with young people about sex. Anglican youth worker John Hebenton argues churches should discuss sexuality with young people more openly and avoid simple distinctions between celibacy and casual sex.

Lessons from extraordinary English teacher
By Ann Baker
My fifth form year at Wellington Technical College brought some big changes. Great was our delight, when we discovered two things. One, we were to share English classes with boys, and two, we were to be taught by a teacher who had an air of mystery about him.

Followers of St Stephen were called to service and sacrifice
By Marcia Baker
In the Archives we have a list of 139 people of various ages, from all walks of life, from all over New Zealand and round the world. These people all have one thing in common: they belonged to the Order of St Stephen during the years 1950 until 1993.