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Rome posting for South Auckland minister

By Marie Sherry

Pakuranga-based Methodist minister Rev Dr Trevor Hoggard will be the face and voice for millions of Methodists throughout the world at the Vatican from next September.

Trevor says there has been an English-speaking Methodist community in Rome since 1877, but this is the first time it will be formally linked up with the Vatican through a representative role.

The English-born minister has been in New Zealand for three years and is currently the superintendent of the Manukau district and the minister at Trinity Methodist Church. He says he stumbled across the opportunity on the internet.

After traveling to London for an interview, Trevor was selected and is looking forward to the opportunity ahead of him.

The move to Rome will possibly involve three positions. He will definitely be the Methodist representative at the Vatican and the minister for the English-speaking Methodist congregation in Rome. There is also a possibility he will also be the representative on the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

“I’ve been a minister for 24 years. I joined the ministry straight from university,” Trevor says. “I’m very excited about this. It’s a great honour and a great opportunity.”

His office will be in an old building in Rome’s historic centre, looking out at the famous and imposing St Peter’s Basilica.

As yet Dr Hoggard has received little information about what his roles will involve but he hopes to have more details soon.

“It’s somewhat daunting but it’s on the whole a very exciting occupation.”

Dr Hoggard will be joined by his wife Cathy, a teacher at Tangaroa College, and their nine-year-old son. Their 19-year-old son is expected to join them after completing his degree at Otago University next year.