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June 2005

World Environment Day wake up call for churches
Why should environmental injustice be a concern of the Church? Climate change is the most severe problem we face, more serious than the threat of terrorism.

Religious right on rise in Australia
With the support of Prime Minister John Howard and his Liberal Party, the religious right is a growing force in Australian politics. The rise in conservative Christianity resembles trends in the United States under President George Bush, says Victoria University Religious Studies lecturer Dr Marion Maddox.

What’s so holy about the Grail?
Who or what is the Holy Grail? How does it relate to Mary Magdalene, Galahad, the Merovingian Dynasty, and the Templar Knights? These are some of the questions retired Massey University Religious Studies lecturer Brian Colless addressed at a series of lectures.

Long journey recounted at Crossroads
By Angela Hindson
People from around New Zealand and as far away as Australia joined the Crossroads Methodist congregation on the weekend of April 16-17 to celebrate 150 years of Methodism in Papakura. They looked back over the history of the church and looked forward to the future.

NZers support right to die – ethics professor
By Marie Sherry
A University of Otago ethics professor believes most New Zealanders agree with the Florida Court’s decision in the “right to die” case of Terri Schiavo.

Evangelical Network camps out
The Evangelical Network of the Methodist Church got together at the end of April at Chosen Valley in Auckland, nearly beating the end of the summer. The rain had no effect on their efforts to make plans for the year ahead and have fun together.

World churches urge new attitudes toward disability
By Julia Stuart
For people with disabilities, healing does not necessarily mean being cured. Rather, it has to do with inclusion in the community. Churches who wish to heal people with disabilities must fully assume their mission to include them.

Enigma of Auckland’s First Wesleyan Church
By Doug Burt
In March 1841 Governor William Hobson removed his administration to the Waitemata Harbour. Six months later Rev James Buller visited the area. The following year Buller reported there were Wesleyan societies in Auckland of 13 Europeans and 150 natives, and urged that an early appointment be made.