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April 2005

Wesley College: Fresh growth from Methodist roots
By Paul Titus
The role of Wesley College’s famous old boys hints at strong currents that flow through the school: cultural identity, sporting success, and academic achievement. Set amidst rolling farmland and perched above well-groomed sports fields, Wesley College has a special place in the life of New Zealand and Te Haahi Weteriana.
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Creativity, anger drive emerging churches
By Paul Titus
Media-driven cultural change and resentment against established institutions are the two forces behind the alternative congregations commonly labelled ‘emerging church’. This is the view of Rev Steve Taylor, who has studied emerging churches and recently published a book on the phenomenon.
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Side Door opens to creative worship space
By Paul Titus
Now in its fourth year, Side Door is the brain child of Peter and Joyce Majendie. Each month Peter and Joyce prepare an alternative worship service at Opawa Baptist that resembles an art installation with poetry, popular music, bits of drama, or sculpture.
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Stillwaters run deep in inner city Wellington
By Julia Stuart
At the top of Cuba Street, inner city Wellington, a Sunday night and a community church service is under way in Stillwaters, a large ground-floor room in a converted factory known as. Some 20 people are gathered for a simple liturgy involving prayer, songs, a Bible reading, and time of quiet. They come in off the street as well as from nearby homes...
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New Plymouth group digs for understanding
In the early 1990s a group of Methodists in New Plymouth met to view a video called ‘Chaos’. On another occasion they discussed one of Bishop John Spong’s books. Hilda Bak enjoyed the discussions so much she approached the minister of her church with a suggestion that they might meet on a regular basis. She organised meetings and topics and so Digging Deeper was born.
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Women, wine and waiata in the Waikato
If you search for www.absolutely! on the Internet, you will be disappointed with a ‘page cannot be displayed’ notice. Call into a caf? in a rural Waikato town sometime, however, and you may well find a group of women enjoying lunch together. Follow them outside, and along the road to a nearby church, and you could observe them busily planning a professional development day or a ministry retreat.
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50 years on Jack Penman reflects on community-facing ministry
Jack Penman was one of a small group of presbyters who marked the 50th anniversary of their ordination at Methodist Conference 2004. Jack was a key player in pivotal developments the church undertook in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.
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Marton Methodists close door on past
Are you thermometers or thermostats? Methodist Church of NZ general secretary Jill van de Geer posed this question to the members of the Marton Methodist congregation as part of her sermon during the Feb 6th ceremony that marked the deconsecration of their church buildings. read more

From youth ministry to sexuality education
Organising and taking part in Methodist Youth Conference 2005 in January was the most rewarding experience Fuailelagi Samoa Saleupolu had in her five years as Tauiwi Resource Person Youth. The day after the conference Fuailelagi attended a formal welcome as she began her journey in a new role, working as an educator for the Family Planning Association (FPA).
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Time to remove the stigma of ‘suicide’
Opinion by Rev Colin Jamieson
I have long had a deep pastoral concern that we must remove moral prejudice regarding suicide. We need to stop using the words ‘commit suicide’. The word ‘commit’ implicates a crime or error. Suicide is no longer a crime, so it should no longer be referred to in this way.
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The Home Missionary’s wife and the church organ
By Hazel Simpkin
The home missionaries of the Methodist Church of NZ may not have attended theological college or been ordained ministers, and the title ‘Reverend’ was usually just honorary but these men had a mission and desire to spread the Christian word. They did much good work in sometimes quite difficult circumstances.
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